понедељак, 25. јул 2011.

DooM - Demo 4# (1989)

Now this is realy rare. This DooM demo was recorded somewhere in the end of 1989 or begining 1990 after guitarist Bri left the band. After Bri left singer John Pickering took guitar duties too. The sound is realy diferent from DooM we all know. It's more metallic (The greatest invention LP is metal influenced too), there is even a Black Sabbath and Hawkwind influence, but the biggest influence was Hellhammer (at least the vocals). thrash it!



Svarog from Zemun, Serbia (then still Yugoslavia). This was the first doom/sludge metal band in Serbia. They existed from 1993 to 1996, and shared members with Brainstorm, Crist, Necrophilia, SMF, Overdose, Sunrise... The sound was realy original, they fused Discharge and Black Sabbath sound with raw and at the moments almost growl vocals (singer Bosko was in grindcore band Sunrise before Svarog). The members was: Bosko Blazic - vocals, Zoran "Misterious" Djuroski - guitar and back vocals, Milan Barkovic - bass, Vladimir "Sola" Vilovski - drums. They released only one album entitled Smor, which was recorded live at KST on 5.11.1994. It was self-released by the band on their Gong record label. In spring of 1995. Boško leaves the band, Svarog continues to work as a trio. Misterious took the vocal duties for some time but during early 1996. band has broken up.

Smor (album)                                                 

петак, 25. фебруар 2011.

Warwound - Demos (1983 - 1984)

Warwound was Discharge influenced hardcore punk and proto thrash metal band. Formed by guitarist Damian Thompson and drummer Andy Bakerin in 1982, recorded two demos (first in 1983 and second in 1984). Later Damian and Andy joined Varukers and formed all mighty Sacrilege in 1984. Interesting thing is that some of the Warwound songs were later used by Varukers, for example No escape, recorded for the first time on Warwound's1983 demo. Anyway no time for the big talk now, download and enjoy!! 

Warwound - 1983 demo
Warwound - 1984 demo

четвртак, 24. фебруар 2011.

Lobotomia - Live at Boca Livre, TV Cultura 1988

Hell yeah!!! Brasilian hardcore and crossover thrash legends Lobotomia, one of my fav bands ever! Any way this is their live from brasilian punk and metal tv show Boca Livre,recorded in1988, a year before they put out album "Nada E Como Parece" with whom they step even more into crossover thrash. In the first song guitarist Adherbal broke the A string on his guitar, and i think that the floyd on the guitar was falling apart. xD  This is my own rip and it's video rip so its shitty but NOISE FOR HEROES,MUSIC FOR ZEROS!!! Dont expect nothing but a RAW AS FUCK Discharge influenced thrash hc!!!  thrash it!

Terrarium - Isceljenje

Im back!!! Yeah, now this is some really smashing stuff. My friends Terrarium put out their first album. It's twisted, dark and psychedelic mix od stoner and sludge metal with crust punk in the vein of Amebix, Deviated Instinct, Axegrinder...etc. Really great band, very original... And yes, they are looking for label so if there are anybody interested to put out this album, you can contact the band here www.myspace.com/terrariumstoner or here http://www.facebook.com/terrarium also the mail terrariumbg@yahoo.com . Download album here thrash it!

петак, 26. новембар 2010.

V.A. Beograd Hardcore '86-'87 no. 2

Yeah! For me one of the best,most raw and fucking evil compilations in Ex Yu! Here you can find bands from the second wave of hardcore in Belgrade.My favorite here is band Codex of Death.Raw thrash hardcore with blast beats in most of the songs,fast,primitive and EVIL! The other bands are great to.Tutto Colori,a legendary band with very raw sound and anti war lyrics,Ortodox Christians with raw thrash sound and blast beats in some songs and in the end D.L.H. fast and raw hardcore with thrash/crossover influnces.There were also four songs by band Thrashagain on this compilation but they are not included in this rip...i dont know why.This compilaion was put out by Igor "Djubre" Aleksic bassist of the band Thrashagain.Anyway,download and listen till your ears bleed!  thrash it!

уторак, 23. новембар 2010.

Pogibija - Live 1991

This is Pogibija's live from 1991 i guess.Only 3 tracks here,and dont expect nothing but a raw fucking thrash!!

thrash it!